2019 SASS New Mexico State Action Shooting Championship!


2019 SASS New Mexico State Action Shooting Championship hosted by Rio Grande Renegades

Dates: October 18-20, 2019. 

           Before you ask - this is AFTER Balloon Fiesta and right BEFORE Bordertown!

Side Matches: Friday, October 18th

Stages: 10 Cowboy Stages! 6 on Saturday, 4 on Sunday!

Food: Fandango Feast is on Saturday, October 19! Informal swamp meet and Silent Auction!

Friday's side matches will be all the fun categories you love competing in! 

This year's match will feature side matches and 10 cowboy stages

6 cowboy matches will be shot on Saturday. The other 4 on Sunday! 

Included with your registration will be a Saturday evening supper with an informal swap meet and silent auction. What's for supper? We're planning for Rudy's BBQ! Yummmmy!

Look Who's Coming! This was updated on 9/4/2019

     Ante Up Annie   Anvil Horn   Arkansas Hatchet   Baby "B" Sassy   Bad Chad   Bishop Dane   Capt Jack Houston   Captain Stanton   Cat Ballou   Cat Ballou   Chee'ee   Choctaw Jack   Cibola Al   Crazy Dazy   Deputy Dangit   Doc Rankin   Edward R.S. Candy   El Prado Slim   EzGz   Fire Eater   Garrison Joe   German George   Gricklock McLeod   James Earl Dalton   Kantakeras Tank   Largo Casey   Lawless Lil   Lawless Lori Sue   Liberty Dane   Mazourka Jim   McCabe   Mica McGuire   Ms. FallingRock   Mustang Maya   Peg O' My Heart   Pepper Dane   Rich Diamond   Rio Brava   Rooster B    Rusty Steele   Stretch McCain   Swedish Cowboy   Tango Tom   Tex   Tombstone Smitty   Tooth Ache   Vaquero Luna    

New Option for this year - Online Registration!

First off - do NOT do BOTH online and paper registration! You'll confuse us!

Online Registration - Grab your SASS number and sign up the easy way!  


1. Go to http://www.premier-reg.com/riograndereg.php OR click the blue button below

2.  Enter your SASS Number and hit ENTER

                 If you were at last year's Fall  Fandango

                  Your information will populate. 

                  Update changes (mailing  address, etc) as needed.

3. Select your match fees. 

                Couples - Make sure you're paying attention to whom is the the 1st versus 2nd shooter in the family. Any participant will need to register. We'll have you sign the release/waiver when you pick up your packet.

4. Select your category

5. Select any extras - such as an extra Fandango Meal ticket or your camping needs! Hold down the "control" button if you're selecting multiple events! 

     - If you're on a Mac  use the "Command" key to pick multiple events!

Double  check and submit your registration! You'll receive an email confirming  your registration. Please note - you're technically on the waiting list till we receive your payment. We'll confirm registered shooters once payment is received. 


6.  Send check/money order to: Peg O’My Heart Dubois 495 Paseo Del Bosque NW, ABQ NM 87114 Make it payable to Rio Grande Renegades Put into Memo: FF19.  Payment instructions will also be on the email.  


If you do you receive an email - 1st check your spam/junk folder. If it didn't come across then reach out to Ms. FallingRock at rgrfallfandango@yahoo.com

Those with Yahoo email addresses - the online registration isn't playing nicely with email servers. We'll get your registration through the system. We have to manually send your confirmation email. If you haven't heard anything in a while, email us below. It will go through to us!  

Have problems? E-mail rgrfallfandango@yahoo.com


Online Registation Click Here!

Paper Registration

The PDF file is below!