About Us

Howdy Friend! Welcome to the Rio Grande Renegades!

The Rio Grande Renegades is a SASS affiliated club located at Hayes City, Albuquerque Shooting Park

Rio Grande Renegades is a SASS Affiliated club located at Hayes City, Albuquerque Shooting Park in Albuquerque, NM. 


Cowboy, Cowboy Action Shooting, Single Action Shooting, SASS, RGR, Rio Grande Renegades

SASS membership is strongly encouraged but not required to be a member of the Rio Grande Renegades

Click here to visit the SASS website

Membership is April 1 through March 31! 

Range, Safety, and Rules


Hayes City is located at the Albuquerque Shooting Park. We have 2 dedicated berms  and additional wild west props for additional bays.

We host monthly matches, featured events and our annual event - Fall Fandango! Look for the tabs at the top for more details. 

Match and safety meeting occurs before each match. Everyone is a safety officer and watches for unsafe practices and rules violations. We follow rules set forth by Albuquerque Shooting Range, Rio Grande Renegades rules, and Single Action Shooting Society. 

Membership & Renewal Form

The 2019 Membership & Renewal form is is now available for download! Click on the link below to download the form!

Renewal fees are ...  


Annual Family Membership (2+ in same household)  $50

Annual Adult Membership $30

New Shooter after 1/1 (carries into the following year) $30

½ Year Adult Membership $20

Monthly Membership  $10

Daily membership  $5